Vicious is an ITV sitcom starring Sir Derek Jacobi, Sir Ian McKellen, Frances de la Tour and Iwan Rheon.
littleawkwardpanda: ...Your blog makes my world go round ^3^ *kisses* 

You’re very sweet! Thank you! *air kisses*

  1. iwasborntoserveyouarthur said: I’m just watching random episodes because I’m stressed about finishing writing my dissertation (which is due on the 30th *cries*) lol 

I know that feel. I have SO much Uni work to be doing…. 

Watched the Christmas episode again yesterday and was reminded of how much I freaking love Freddie and Stuart, but also Violet’s “I’m thinking something dirty” expressions.


here, have a gifset of gandalf and the master dancing to kesha

Forever my favourite moment…

I want the kind of love they have, one day.

One of my favourite moments!

 Sir Ian McKellen as Freddie in “Vicious”